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Radioisotope blues

February 7, 2012

Got 'em.


Got the isotope blues,
Radioisotope blues,
As the waves from the sea
Bring dying mammals to me,
That’s what from fission ensues —
Radioisotope blues!

Got the alpha-source blues,
So now I’m tryin’ to choose
What best to eat or avoid,
Dilemmas becquerelloid!
Rewrite your dinner menus —
Got the alpha-source blues!

Got the beta-source blues,
Like a long-burning fuse,
And don’t know where all the e-
Mitters have landed in me.
But how much have I to lose?
Got the beta-source blues!

Got the gamma-ray blues
From my hair to my shoes
As fallout leaving the air
Is raining down everywhere,
That’s the up-to-date news —
Got the gamma-ray blues!

Got the hemorrhage blues
While I forlornly peruse
The bruises forming in rows
Upon my fingers and toes.
As little blood vessels ooze —
Got the hemorrhage blues!

Radioisotope blues!
Guess I’m payin’ my dues
Just for believin’ that we
Would never reckon, you see,
For the Pu that we use —
Radioisotope blues!

Got isotope blues!

(c) 2012 David Ritchie

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