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Absent … or stockpiled?

February 12, 2012

Have to prepare, you know

Thought-provoking article:

After reading reports of scarce but important drugs, please think:

What if life-saving pharmaceuticals currently “in short supply” are being stockpiled somewhere, against the day when they are needed to fight radiation-induced diseases (say, leukemia) among groups deemed “essential to society” in a world devastated by fallout?

As an earlier post pointed out, there have been a lot of drug shortages lately.

For the rest of us, is a time coming when basic pharmaceuticals — over-the-counter stuff today — will serve as currency? Maybe a few pain pills will buy a bicycle someday.

For now, that sounds like dystopian fiction. But hasn’t such fiction been right all too often before?

(c) 2012 David Ritchie

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