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Fearmongers, take note

February 26, 2012

Apocalypse in Russian icon, circa 1500

Despite having no qualifications to speak on theology, I think a word about certain posts on other blogs is in order.

During the Fukushima crisis, pop pseudo-theology from self-appointed preachers is having effects even more dangerous than those from fallout.

In particular, I mean remarks about the mention in Revelation of “Wormwood” and its devastating effects, now widely interpreted as an allusion to meltdowns.

It’s time to reject such hysteria. Here’s a book to help. 

For a sober commentary on Revelation, please see Archbishop Averky Taushev’s book “Apocalypse,” an English-language paperback well worth a read.


A good antidote to shrill end-times tracts, Taushev’s book is brief, lucid, authoritative, and far more profitable reading than the rants of wannabe exegetes from the fringe.

That’s all this layman will say. See what you make of Archbishop Averky’s views. He’s far better qualified to speak.

Fearmongers, take note.

David Ritchie posts from Seoul, Korea. He welcomes correspondence and asks only that it be civil in tone. Email:


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