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More rumblings

March 23, 2012

"It's only moles. Go back to sleep."

The 1/31 post, “Just wondering,” discussed the thought that large-scale underground construction is under way on fallout shelters for “essential” people.

Now, more hints in that direction come from the American Midwest. Check this New York Times report about subterranean noises in Wisconsin:

Engineers at work? One has to wonder.

Meanwhile, has anyone there noticed odd shortages of foods, drugs, and other goods that big underground shelters would require?

That’s been happening too, around the country. See 2/12 post, “Absent … or stockpiled?”

Whatever is going on, it sounds as if someone is hard at work down there.

That is, unless the fallout has produced a giant mole.

David Ritchie posts from Seoul, Korea. Contact:


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