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Even Wells didn’t think of this one

April 3, 2012

Watch those bacteria. Ask any Martian.


Stranger and stranger.

Some of that mysterious black dust spreading across Japan is magnetic as well as radioactive!

See video:

If the mystery dust really is from cyanobacteria, as some observers think, then are bacteria fixing magnetic radionuclides — that is, incorporating the hot stuff into their tissues?

Has radiation-induced mutation given bacteria a taste (so to speak) for fallout?

Why not? Bacteria appear capable of thriving on almost anything else.

Any thoughts from bacteriologists?

Meanwhile, I’m starting to feel like a Martian from H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds … except that even Wells didn’t imagine radioactive bacteria!

(c) 2012 David Ritchie

David Ritchie posts from Seoul, Korea. Contact:


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